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The Systematic Failure of all Systems

A Novel about SingularityToday, Oprah Winfrey spoke about ‘America’s failing school system’. It’s about time. I’ve been writing about that for years now, yelling and pleading, advocating and provoking, arguing and screaming and crying… Even now, after I’ve understood the paradox of my predicament, I still, in humble artistic hardheadedness, continue to push my point.

In fact, the failure of the Montreal school system is something I explore to some depth in my novel…

But that’s not what this post is about, well, not exactly… I’m here to postulate that the situation is considerably more dire than most people out there can imagine. The irony is that everyone knows it, but few have ever put all the pieces of this puzzle together and looked at the big picture.

Admit it, at one point or another, we’ve all asked these questions and we’ve all answered these answers:

  • Why is the government so slow and inefficient? The system’s broken.
  • Why are so many kids dropping out of school? The system’s broken.
  • Why can rich kids go to school and poor ones can’t? The system’s broken.
  • Why is there a nurse shortage, why can’t I get a doctor? The system’s broken.
  • Why are unions protecting all these bad workers? The system’s broken.
  • Why are criminals getting out of jail so quickly and easily? The system’s broken.
  • What’s up with the homeless situation? The system’s broken.
  • What’s with all these farmers throwing away hectoliters of milk each month? The system’s broken.
  • Why are Quebecers paying more for the electricity we produce in our own province than the North-Eastern Americans we sell it to? The system’s broken.
  • Why is it so hard to adopt with Adoptions Canada that people have to go to China to make a home for a child? The system’s broken.
  • Why is the mafia still, to this very day, ‘allegedly’ in charge of almost all construction on the island of Montreal? The system’s broken.
  • Why do we allow our politicians to behave the way they do? The system’s broken.

The system is broken… All systems are broken. I could have filled pages of ‘it’s because the system is broken’.

That’s everybody’s answer to everything… But, the sad truth is, the systems are not at fault. A ‘system’ is not a set of religious commandments or immutable laws of physics. It’s a variable set of rules that govern variable sets of behaviours that are intended to generate desired results.

We are currently living through a systematic failure of all systems.

With that statement comes a very important question that everyone should be asking themselves.

What do all systems have in common?


People have become the ‘bugs’ in the very systems we have created.

My novel is about that very concept. It’s about the man who writes the anti-virus that fixes this broken world in which we live… You’ll love it.

The Price of Free Will: The Singularity Cometh

We are Generation X. This world belongs to us now.


About Christopher Dorda

I'm a Sci-Fi Novelist. Author of 'The Price Of Free Will: The Singularity Cometh' I love writing and I plan to take over the world.


One thought on “The Systematic Failure of all Systems

  1. The system is broken. It has been for a long time, but we are just starting to see the end results. At least I hope it’s the end. My fear is that, yes, it could get worse.
    And I agree with your assessment that people are the “bugs” in the system. Because even if you’re not actively involved in breaking the system, if you are not actively involved in fixing the system, then you no better than an apathetic bystander at a parade. And I suspect we have all been guilty of that at some point.
    It would be nice if there was a quick fix, but alas, I fear we are all doomed. At least for the time being.

    Posted by tera | October 23, 2010, 5:26 pm

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