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Hey you, AntiSec Hacker, you are not alone.

#antisecI’d like to explain to the rest of the world why the AntiSec movement is so important for the future of mankind, but in a little blog post, all I can do is give you snippets. Hopefully, I can give you snippets each day, but the mentality, the raison d’être behind this phenomenon is too big to try to clearly explain without writing a whole book about the subject. Thankfully, I’ve written a whole book about the subject.

Many of you might be worried that you will be a victim of this movement. I’m here to tell you that you wont. Hackers, at least those with the skill to do what LulzSec and Anonymous are doing, couldn’t care less about your data (unless you’re a world-class ass in which case you’re screwed). What they care about is saving you from the monsters out there (even if you don’t realize that they are doing it).

Simply speaking, throughout history, this is common. Just think of Robin Hood, Guy Fawkes, and a plethora of other rebels who dared to take a stand, for better or worse, against those who oppress society.

To those involved in the AntiSec Revolution, I salute you. I get it, I know what you’re risking, and why you are risking it, and I applaud your big brass testies. The main character in my novel said it this way:

I’m doing this because I can, I doing this because it is right, I’m doing this because I’m sick and tired of the way the world is now, but most of all, I’m doing this because I can, and everybody else can’t. Let history judge me, because if I don’t do what I think is right now, at this very moment, there will be no one left on the planet to write that history.

Dramatic, yes. Fiction, no

AntiSec has become bigger than what they though AntiSec would become. I for one, as a sci-fi novelist, will now include this event in history as a true online revolution in my novels. No matter what, brothers and sisters, you will all be remembered. I don’t write to make money, no, I’m one of those assholes who writes because he thinks he can change the world. I aim to be immortal and nothing else will suffice.

The people involved in the AntiSec Revolution are aware of things that the majority of society has been ‘trained’ to ignore, and not because AntiSec ‘think’ they know something, but because they have real world data. Hackers act because they have access to data, it is data that motivates them. I’m no hacker, but my kung-fu is strong. It’s just a different style of kung-fu. I’m what’s commonly referred to as a Social Engineer.

I’ve practiced this skill all my life. I’ve trained people in this skill without knowing what it was called… out of the thousands of people to whom I taught this skill, only a handful truly got the point. A handful. In 15 years. It’s just that difficult to master.

Note: What I mean by that is that Social Engineer requires as much practice as any other art to become exceptional, a lot of practice, years, full time, and there are few environments out there where one can practice social engineering on a full time basis. Survey firms and other call centers are a great example of a place designed to offer a Social Engineer infinite opportunities to practice (plus, they’ll even give you training).

What is social engineering?

Well, it’s like a bit of psychology and sociology put together, but applied: Applied Sociology. A skill that involves understanding human and social behaviour, and using that understanding for practical applications, and just like with hacking, there is no way to defend against it. There isn’t. Trust me.

Do you think you’re different, Mister or Missus Everybody? Do you truly think that you (or your human network) can’t be manipulated? Well, that’s a common cognitive bias that Social Engineering exploits because it is common to all humans.

This is the truth: Just like the FBI and CIA networks couldn’t do anything against hackers, human minds can’t do anything against Social Engineers.

I.e.: There are two ways to crack a 512bit encrypted password

1: You can use software.
2: You can simply call someone and ask for it.

Both methods require skill, both require incredible training, and both achieve the same results. The only difference is the method used to get the password. Option one is pure hacking, option two is pure Social Engineering. Most people in the field use a combination of both. Me, I like option 2, researching it full time makes me a better writer.

In fact, what I’m doing now is social engineering. I’m doing it right now as you’re reading these words; lizard like, elite, subtle, perfect combination of words that change the way your brains perceive reality (whether you believe that I’m doing it or not).

Do you know why I support the AntiSec Revolution? It’s simple. I’m tired of good people’s minds and lives being hacked by evil corporations and corrupt politicians. You are being controlled because everything you are exposed to has been engineered for a purpose. We are all being controlled because everything we are all exposed to has been engineered for a purpose.

This is the cool part, hold on, it’ll rock your world: this fake reality has been engineered by governments, by corporations, by lobby groups, and by the media for greedy, greedy purposes (PS: I exclude the true, rare, few, and impartial journalists out there from that category (they are as much a victim of ‘the media’ as we are (if not more!), they should be considered as an essential service, and valued as true living art (because they’re so rare!)); but all those afore mentioned entities are not Social Engineers, not by a long shot. Social Engineers are to those entities as Hackers are to ‘corporate internet security experts’.

Social Engineers fight the good fight. We only come out of the shadows when our brothers, the hackers, sound the alarm.

PS: Dear all, my ship is defenseless; it’s a medical vessel.


About Christopher Dorda

I'm a Sci-Fi Novelist. Author of 'The Price Of Free Will: The Singularity Cometh' I love writing and I plan to take over the world.


3 thoughts on “Hey you, AntiSec Hacker, you are not alone.

  1. Hi Christopher!

    I came across your blog post while doing some reading about the Antisec movement. You’ve given me a lot to think about and I wanted to say thank you. Consider me a new fan and I’ll be digging more into your work and other writings.

    Posted by DTR | June 25, 2011, 7:45 pm
  2. Well said. I am the editor of Think Magazine, a trilingual (English, Czech and Hungarian) magazine in Eastern Europe. If you have anything you would like to see in (periodical) print, tweet me @FrankThinker

    Posted by Francis Pruett | July 5, 2011, 10:53 am

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