The Price of Free Will

The Price Of Free Will by Christopher DordaTHE BOOK OF 2010!

Wikileaks? Where we’re going, we won’t need Wikileaks.

Christopher Dorda, in 2003, while researching the world of hackers and artificial intelligence, came to a stunning conclusion. It is just a matter of time before someone does something about all the corruption in the world. So he wrote a novel about a hacker (Alistair Maxwell) who, through an Artificial Intelligence (The Singularity) gains access to all the information on the planet and releases it to the public. What follows is the stuff of legend. GET YOUR COPY WHILE YOU CAN!

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The entire planet loves it!

“I read this book cover to cover in one sitting. It’s incredible to think that one man could have so much power!” -Michel J. Messier, M. D., Psychiatrist, Douglas Hospital, McGill University

A fascinating mix of high-tech and sci-fi, it’s not what I expected- but SO much more! I loved that the novel went beyond just Maxwell’s altruistic crusade to save the world from itself, but dug deep into what caused it all. Maxwell was surprisingly relatable in moments where he teetered on hopeless romantic and sociopath. -B. Caidryn (Simi Valley, CA USA)

Time-travelling… been there. Consciousness-swapping… done that. And then this guy, Christopher Dorda, comes around, and presents you with a platter of refreshing ideas and a tall cold glass of revolution. It’s realism and sci-fi married together so sweetly that half-way through, you forget this is just a story -S. Charlebois (Laval, Quebec, Canada)

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