From time to time, a neat random sentence pops into my head. Instead of them sleeping in my computer, might as well let them run free on the Internet. Who knows where they’ll end up?

Christopher Dorda The Price of Free WillWriters control every action and every consequence; the timing, and even the very fabric of the Universe bends to our words. Be patient with us, for we are not people.

I don’t write to make money or to win awards, I write because I aspire to become immortal; through my skill to be remembered forever.Sci-Fi writer quotes

When you’re the lowest common denominator you can divide everything in existence.

If you want money, write about what everyone wants to read. If you want to be immortal, write about things that no one wants to talk about.

There’s beauty and nobility in patience, but in reality, patience is oh so very dark. It’s abject arrogance generated by the certitude that time will prove one right.

Life kills. Understanding being alive gives us power over life, not death.


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